On Thursday, the 15th of September, we left at the beginning of morning to Murighiol, in Tulcea County, when we gave books to the children from the village thanks to Raluca Gold – Fuchs’ generous gesture made in honour of her grandfather.

After classes, the children from the village, from the youngest to the oldest, came to the community hole where we all met, read and told stories together with Mrs. Iren Arsene, the founder and president of our association. We learnt about the meaning of the word: “odyssey” about Ulysses’ adventures, about how books are made, and how we can activate our imagination by reading.

Our long journey was rewarded by the beauty of the place; it felt like we had discovered a piece of Heaven in Murighiol! We met with beautiful, serene and innocent children, who were eager to speak, but they lacked books at home, they didn’t know to read yet and were threatened to be enrolled into simultaneous system of education.

Some told us that they read at home, others, on the contrary, that they didn’t have books at all. Some were dreaming of becoming fashion designers, while other wanted to continue the tradition of the place and became fishermen. We cherish their dreams and encourage them how we know best, even thought we don’t know how many of them will fulfill their dreams, as the statistics say that only 2% of student from the rural area have the chance to study at an university in the city. Certainly, the books they have received and the fact that now they have one of their own at home mean very much for their education and this is truly moving for us.

We recorded the little ones talking, here are some quotes:
“I like to read but I don’t really have books at home” said a shy little girl as she was dipping into the book

“The majority of our children come from underprivileged families, and there are few moments when they receive a book. Thank you from the heart, Mrs. Raluca Gold – Fuchs, for thinking about us, I express my hope that some day perhaps we are going to meet and I assure you that the books they have received are welcome with open arms and that their outcome is going to be seen soon.” Adina Leonte, teacher of Romanian Language and Literature

“I don’t have books at home that I enjoy reading, we only have Spanish dictionaries because my parents are working in Spain” Daniel, Ist grade

“I only have coloring books at home…this is the first one that I can read!” Bogdan, Ist grade

This donation is part of our national reading program “Childhood Classics”, the project “Adopt a school” whereby wonderful and concerned people from all around the world offer the necessary resources for learning by reading education for the students that need their help or for the institutions that are close to their hearts.

raluca-murighiolMr. Timofte Ivan is the grandfather of Mrs. Raluca Gold – Fuchs and he was born and lived in Murighiol. Because the income didn’t allow him to get the education he needed, he was forced to work from the young age of 12, together with his father, also a fisherman. Nevertheless, he had always wanted for all his children to go to school and to receive the education he didn’t have the chance to get, and so he did all that was in his power to make this happen. Now, his grand-daughter took his desire even further and she offered a chance to a better future to all the student from Murighiol.

“We make this donation in his memory, and, hopefully, all the children from Murighiol and the villages around it are going to learn how to read.” Mrs. Raluca Gold – Fuchs told us, and we thank her for her trust and for the interest with which she approached our initiative of promoting reading. ”

We wish for all the children from the beautiful Murighiol an amazing school year, during which to learn new things, to read for and with pleasure, and to grow nicely. We are looking forward to hear news from the reading club that Mrs. Adina Leonte is going to organize!

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