LOREDANA, charity concert in New York on behalf of Romanian children’s education

Friday, 13th May, starting at 7 p.m., LOREDANA will perform a charity concert in New York on behalf of The Curtea Veche Association. All the funds will be redirected to the projects that are fighting against illiteracy among children from the Romanian villages that don’t have access to a proper education.

The event is organized by MARA Society with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute from New York and is held at Webster Hall – The Marlin Room, one of the most exclusive live music venues from the most populated city of the United States.

The appreciated Romanian artist will delight the audience (adults and accompanied children) with songs like “O fată singură în noapte”, “Trandafir de la Moldova”, “Mărioară de la Gorj”, “Extravaganza”, “Zig Zagga”, “Apa”, reinterpretations from Maria Tănase’s musical repertoire and many other tracks, both in Romanian and English. The tickets can be bought online following the link: http://bit.ly/LoredanaNYC

The worrying statistics regarding poor results in the Romanian educational system, the high school dropout rate and low access to books adequate for children’s age from the rural areas that bring out illiteracy as well as the difficulties in understanding the texts are only a few of the aspects for which LOREDANA has decided to join this project.

‹‹ My mother was a teacher and, in our house, books and school have always been cherished. My father is a prolific children’s books author and we always had volumes close at hand. When my daughter, Elena, was born, we continued to instill a love of reading by reading to her bedtime stories. I believe in the power of books and if, through my work, I can help bring as many volumes as possible to children whose lives may be radically changed after having access to a proper education then I will do the best I can and I’m asking you to also join this cause! My performance, “Imaginarium”, is about creating the craziest and wildest dreams and about finding the ways to make them a reality. ››

All the funds raised from this event will be directed to The Curtea Veche Association for the development of the “Classics Retold” national reading program which includes, together with book donations and interactive reading clubs in disadvantaged areas, also visits in schools, trainings with parents or teachers, and reading workshops in libraries.

LOREDANA is a trendsetter in the Romanian entertainment industry – from the most spectacular shows to TV series, feature films or books. She is one of the juries from the most successful talent show in Romania “The Voice of Romania” and the founder of an alternative music school – “Atelierul de voce și muzică”  that follows the development and encouragement of children’s talents both vocal abilities or instrumental interpretation.

The organizer of this unique event in New York is MARA Society, a nonprofit organization founded in 2010, by four Romanian friends, with the purpose of promoting Romanian culture and supporting various charitable organizations that have a real impact in their work for the society. By organizing cultural events together with prestigious artists (pianists, violinists, film directors, ballerinas etc.), the funds that are raised are directly distributed afterwards to charitable organizations from Romania. Over time, MARA Society sponsored children from disadvantaged backgrounds to go to kinder gardens and schools (in collaboration with OvidiuRom), they contributed to the completion of Bucharest’s palliative care hospital for patients with incurable diseases (in collaboration with HOSPICE Casa Speranței), they granted a scholarship for training highly talented theater and film students and raised funds for supporting the Romanian National Ballet. Mara Society has decided to support The Curtea Veche Association’s educational cause by organizing this extraordinary event in New York with the most beloved ambassador of Romanian music: LOREDANA.